all is quiet now. The daily frenetic buzz of the day has gradually descended to a gentle hum.

As you turn around to softly creep out of the room, careful not to stir the night, you can't help but pause to look back to marvel at the tiny being you just brought into the world and the immense joy and love you feel right now for your child. 

love. You have a new reason for reason for living. new You have a everything changes. from this day forward marks a defining moment in your life. of a child birth the "

It feels like only yesterday that you brought him home fresh and new from the hospital and already you've noticed,
he's changing all the time.
Every day a tiny bit.

And just weeks from now, your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms.
If you could, you'd keep a record of it all.

These first moments are so fleeting as you try to etch each one into your memory, the milky dream smiles after a feed, his delicate little fingers curled around yours,
and those oh so kissable chubby cheeks.

Hi, I'm Joyce, your newborn photographer at A Tiny Affair and as a mother of one little boy, I know how quickly these early days go by.

There is nothing more precious and rewarding to me than capturing such a beautiful and tender time of your lives. Specialising in newborn & baby photographs catering to the inner west and eastern suburbs of Sydney, I create artistic images that capture those fleeting first moments in a natural and delicate style that your family will cherish for years to come.

Your baby is only brand new once

Together let's capture their beautiful newness so you can be reassured you have them forever. Teeny tiny toes, delicate fingers, wisps of hair and sleepy little faces. You’ll look forward to each new stage of your baby’s life and enjoy their growing stages with confidence that we have beautifully captured their beginnings.